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Sensual Encounter

Hey there once more and welcome to this week’s scene featuring the one and only┬áCody Cummings and more of his sexual encounters too. As you know, he always has something cooked up to go down and he likes to shoot it too, so that you may all get to check it out at a later date. That’s just the case in this one as him and a buddy where chilling by his pool and sooner rather than later, they got too horny and ended up in the bedroom spending some quality one on one time with each other too. Let’s get to see just that go down as you can the hot and horny Cody to take part in some more nasty and naughty gay fuck scenes here for the afternoon!

Of course, as the two hunks are sunbathing, they are already sporting some nice and sexy tights to catch as much sun as possible. But like we said, there should be no surprise that the two got turned on and horny enough to fuck hard today. Anyway, as they kissed and caressed they started making their way to the bedroom and on the way there, what little clothing they had on also got left behind too. And once on that big an comfy bed, see Cody Cummings getting on top and letting the guy use that expert mouth to suck him off with a passion in this scene here. We’ll be seeing you soon of course with another new and fresh gallery soon, but for now just watch the two fuck hard!


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