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Path Of Seduction

Hey and welcome back to more Cody Cummings in action with some more friends with benefits. As the title suggests, this time Cody decided to add another new friend to his arsenal of studs that he likes to party and play with and as you can see the two became quick fuck friends today. Hence why this is part one, as the hot stud Cody fully intends to have him drop by in future scenes as well, because he’s just soo good at playing with him in bed. Anyway, let’s get right to checking out the action in this one as you simply must take your time to see Cody and the guy fucking hard once more for you. And rest assured that you need to check out the whole gallery too!

Well as soon as the scene begins, the two are already getting busy on the bed and as you can see it’s downright impressive in the way it begins. It seems that the new guy is desperate for Cody’s dick and he more or less almost rips off Cody’s outfit to reveal his dick as soon as they get on the bed. Watch the stud give one sloppy and sensual deep throat and cock sucking job to begin with. He needed that cock nicely lubed for his tight ass here today and Cody Cummings knew it. Then you can see the guy take his spot on top and ride that dick cowboy style for the rest of this glorious gallery and scene. See you guys and gals next time with more!


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