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Cody Cummings – Wild ride

Cody thought this would be a nice day to take ride with his motor. But, he was about to leave, he got a surprise visit from his ex boyfriend. After chatting, things went a little over board and they ended up naked and horny as hell. They broke up in good terms, because they was having a long distance relation. They both agreed that it will not work out, as none of them was taking this relation seriously. They were very attracted to each other physically, but they also dated other guys during the entire relation. Cody still likes meeting up with this guy when he is town with business. Cody shoved his large tool in his mouth and he sucked it till he got all covered in jizz. Check it out and come back soon to watch hot Cody in action!

Well what else can be said about this scene. It’s the hottest one to day with Cody and his biker buddy getting to enjoy some alone time in the garage after tinkering with the machines. The stud always fancied getting pleased while riding one of these things and his buddy was happy to oblige. So just take the time to sit back and watch Cody getting himself a nice and long oral sex session from his buddy today!


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Fantastic Threesome

Well, Cody Cummings wanted to surprise you guys, so he called two of his buds for this hot shooting. He was working out in his basement when the guys arrived. They wanted to check out the place so Cody showed them how he exercises. Seeing him like that, the guys got really horny, can you blame them? Cody looks simply irresistible.  James was the lucky one, being the center of attention, because he likes to get double teamed. He specifically asked to be the bottom guy in this shooting, because he loves getting his asshole fucked hard. His wish came true, because after  he sat on the bench and started blowing CodyCummings’ large tool, while he got his tight butthole destroyed by another monster cock. Check it out!


Well it was back to the gym today for Cody, and surprise he came across some more of his wild stud fuck buddies there too. And of course after a nice workout they would get to do some sexual business too. Watch and see how Cody and the other guy, take this third one for a ride double fucking him hard style. Cody gets his hard cock sucked, while the other stud gets to fuck the nice and tight ass as well!

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Cody Cummings and Heather

Cody Cummings brought you this time slutty Heather. This isn’t their first scene together, so they knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Heather loves hanging out with Cody and she wishes to have him all to herself but this is not going to happen, because Cody like to experience new things sexually speaking. Heather knows this, so she tries to enjoy every moment spent with Cody. They jumped right to business, because Heather was so horny for him. She was very needy this time and hungry for his big cock, so  Heather started sucking Cody’s monster cock, while he licked her tight pussy. You can imagine things didn’t end here…if want to see more check out the entire gallery! Because this naughty brunette is going to get really wild when she gets on top to ride him.

Well you will surely remember the hot and sexy babe Heather. She got to have some fun with Cody here a few updates back, and this time she wanted some more of that fine and tick cock of his. Straight away she gets to work on it and you can see her sucking and slurping on it with a passion to get him nice and hard. Then she eagerly takes her pussy fucking hard style from him, and to finish him off she sucks his cock some more to get that jizz on her face too!


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Johnny’s wild trip

Enjoy the newest Cody Cummings gallery with these smoking hot stud in full action. The stud really wanted to shoot a scene with Cody, so his dream came true and he was so happy about. They are both hot with great bodies and huge tool, just waiting to get sucked. Cody is curious about this guy’s oral skills, so he shoves his cock down his throat. Cody is, as usual, in charge. He shoves his large tool on Johnny’s filthy mouth and forced him to swallow all the jizz. The guy loved every moment and made sure to swallow every drop of cum he could get. Don’t miss this hardcore scene starring these horny studs! If you like what you see, come back soon because Cody will be back with another update and many other deepthroats!


Well anyway, strap in for another update with the sexy stud as he brings you some more fresh and hot wild scenes with him getting to enjoy some more fresh and hot gay sex session with other sexy studs. This time it was with Johnny and we can sure say that it rocked. The two studs got to have all the sexual fun and release that they wanted and you get to see it all here today. See you soon everyone!

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Cody Cummings – Glory Hole

This shooting is all about the magical glory hole. Cody Cummings thought he might try it out, to see how it’s like. He’s always been curious about what’s going on in these places. Plus he loves the idea of getting his cock sucked by a stranger. He checked out few places, to see what kind of people he finds. Then he found this place in a night club and he thought it’s perfect.  Well, as you can see he’s not complaining. He got his large tool sucked by a horny hot studs, that knew his way around it. Cody was moaning the whole time because this guy really knew how to suck a cock. And he didn’t stop, of course, till he was all covered in creamy loads of cum.

Do enjoy it, but we’re sure that you will agree that Cody here got to enjoy it even more as he had those luscious lips wrapped around his hard cock for this scene. Sit back and see him moaning in pleasure as he gets to have that nice and hard cock sucked by his fuck buddy in this afternoon update and enjoy. We will be taking our leave for now, but we will bring you more next time we come back as always!


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Monster cock in action

Cody Cummings is hotter then ever in this hot scene. He choose a hot babe with delicious curves, impressive knockers and some tight holes ready to get ripped apart. Lately he;s been hanging out with so many guys and getting hick cock sucked by them. He felt that he needs a change, and fucking a tight pussy would be a great idea. He was missing having a hot chick in his bed, so this babe was the perfect choice. Cody doesn’t thinks twice and starts hammering this gorgeous babe, giving the roughest anal pounding off her life. After all, it’s been a while since he banged a pussy so he shows no mercy.  She sure wont forget it very soon, and Cody is sure that this won’t be their last fuck. Check it out, next to this nasty banging scene!


As another fresh week started we just had to bring you this update and show off Cody in some more action with another babe. This time there was this sexy and cute little brunette that was in the mood to get a nice and hard anal fucking, and Cody along with his big hard cock was just the man for the job today to fuck her nice and hard. So sit back and watch this gorgeous brunette babe as she takes it nice and hard in the ass doggie style!

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Cody Cummings – Hardcore Scene

Here we have our stud, Cody Cummings, with his buddies kicking things off. He goes to the gym to work out  and meets up with an old buddy of him. It has been a while so Cody is very excited to see him. This must be his lucky day because another fuck body of he’s shows up. They wait until no one else is around to have some fun together.  They started directly with the hardcore stuff, because they were rock hard and horny as hell, so they started   blowing each others cocks. Before you knew they started stretching their tight buttholes all over the place, one by one. They sure know how to have a good time. Cody loved getting his hard cock sucked by these hot guys. Check out the rest of the pics from this hot shooting, an click here for a similar orgy!

Well anyway, sit back and have some fun seeing these guys have some more wild sexual gay adventures in front of the cameras as they have the whole afternoon to themselves in this private gym. We hope that you will like seeing them in action and fucking each other’s nice and tight butts with a passion for this whole afternoon. Enjoy this wild threesome with lots of anal sex and cock sucking, and see you next week with more!


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Cody’s wild night

Cody Cummings met Darcy in the club and thought the would take things to the next level. They have a common friend, Conner, that is how he met Darcy. She used to hang out with Conner, who is Cody’s fuck buddy. Once they had a threesome and Cody always wanted to get the chance and fuck her again. Now that they met in the club, he has the chance to get her all to himself.  So he invited her over for a drink. After a few glasses they were on the couch, Cody was massaging her impressive juggs, then she was on her knees sucking his large cock. Cody started fingering her eager pussy making her even hornier, then he gave her a rough pussy pounding at took care of the situation.


Cody proves to be a ladies’ man again as he gets to have some fun with a mighty fine and sexy blonde this fine afternoon. And she seemed really eager to get to have that big cock of his slid nice and deep in her sweet little pussy today. So watch Cody prepping that wet cunt with his fingers and tongue, and then see him giving her a nice and hard balls deep fucking with his mighty cock! Check out another thrilling banging session!

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Cody Cummings and Donny

Our hunk thought that he should spice things a bit and called his buddy Donny to help out. Once Donny got there, they started to talk about what have they been doing lately. Donny told Cody about his back pains, and Code knew how to help him. Cody started with a relaxing massage once they got naked. Donny loved they way Cody worked his warm hands on his back, he got relaxed and just enjoyed the moment. Then  and before you know it, Cody started massaging Donny’s ass and he shoved his cock in his asshole. He started stretching Donny’s tight butthole with his monster tool. Check it all out on updates.

Enjoy a fresh update with Cody and more of his good buddies. Like we said, today you get to see Cody have fun with Donny, and they have some sweet sexual fun with their little massage session for the afternoon as you will see. Watch as Cody first massages Donny’s body, and then see Cody massaging his tight and sexy ass too, as he shoves his cock in and gives him a nice and hard anal fuck as well this fine day! See you soon with more fresh and hot content!


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Cody’s hard tool

Cody Cummings thought you might like a fresh new gallery. He took the camera and started taking photos around the house, but especially on his bed. He wanted to show his fans the place where he lives, and he is really proud of his house because he decorated it himself. His favorite room is of course, the bedroom. That’s where he jerks off every morning and night, and that’s where he invites his best budds to fuck them. Cody ripped of his pants and started taking shots of his monster cock, afterwards he took matters in his own hands. He started stroking his hard meat because he got really horny. He always gets horny for the cam, so have fun watching his jerking off his big cock till he cums.


Enjoy a fresh and hot scene with the sexy stud as he gets to provide you with another update in which he gets to be all naughty and kinky for you and play around some more. See him exposing his big hard cock once more for the cameras, and see him stroking his raging boner in his bed for you too today. We will return next week with more amazing and fresh scenes from him!

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