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Cody Cummings Solo

Watch here hot Cody Cummings solo in his bathroom pleasing his huge cock. He just woke up and went to have a shower but when he looked in the mirror he just couldn’t resist an had to play with himself. He looks amazing in this gallery, and as you can see he’s been working out lately, he is more muscular and even his cock look bigger. He decided to take some pics of his body.  When you look like this why hide it? He has a cute face, amazing body and an enormous cock. After posing for the cam he is rock hard and ready to jerk off properly. Just look at his masturbation session in his own bathroom, as his cock grows bigger with every stroke, then as he gets hornier he starts to jerk off faster and harder until he is ready to shoot his massive load.

He doesn’t like fooling around. He’s been giving us so far so many amazing masturbation scenes, and this is just another great solo gallery.  Enjoy the entire gallery and enjoy the stud getting wild and sexy for you in his solo scene once more. We bet that you will enjoy seeing him in action as he plays with himself and gets to stroke that fine and thick cock that he has as well. Bye bye!


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Cody and Dominic’s private meeting

Cody Cummings is here and hotter than ever. Like usually, he’s got something for us again, this guy never disappointing his fans, he always knows what we want to see and he makes sure to make it happen. This time he is shooting this scene with Dominic, this Italian hot stud with a 8 inch hard cock. Dominic was very excited to meet Cody and have some fun with him. When Dominic saw his large cock didn’t think twice and jumped right on it. After working his hands on Cody’s cock which was growing bigger and harder, he took Cody’s hard meat and started sucking it till he was covered with jizz all over. Cody was very pleased, Dominic knows exactly how to suck his cock, so he might keep Dominic around. Just take a look at this picture gallery and enjoy the view of this hot stud playing and sucking Cody’s cock!

dominic-blowing-cody-cumings-hard-meatIn this scene today Cody got to have some more of his trademark favorite hard style fun. And Dominic is the one like we said to get to play with him. Sit back and have fun seeing the stud starting off with a nice and passionate kissing session, and then see as Dom gets to suck and deep throat Cody’s cock, taking that huge cock as deep as he can in his throat! If you liked this scene check out the blog and watch other horny gay guys fucking!

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Cody Cummings & Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings got a challenge from Vance and he keep his part. They met late in the night and the battle started. Cody was very excited about meeting up Vance in that place late in the night. He really wanted to win this one so better watch what is going to happen in this nasty update. Cody grabbed his cock and Vance grabbed his’ and started stroking. They had to jerk each other off fast and hard, and the one who makes the other cum the first wins the challenge. Cody felt that he is about to blow his load few times, but he managed to hold it back. Vance instead could not resist and blew a massive load all over the place. You didn’t really thought I was talking about a real fight.

The guys met to please their hard monster cocks with a quick session of jerking.  Check it out and have fun watching this wanking session! The guys wanted to jerk off each other at the same time and see who gets to do  the best hand job in real time. So you can see them standing up and stroking on each other’s nice and hard meat poles for this whole sexy gallery this fine day.  We hope that you will enjoy your stay as always, and we’ll be seeing you again next week with some more fresh and hot updates! Wanna see some horny gay guys having sex? If you do, you might visit the nextdoorbuddies site!


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Hard game

Cody Cummings had a rough game and need a good way to relax. Back in the locker room he began to take his clothes off and have a shower, when this cute guy came in. Well, Cody found a way to relax his body with a little help from this guy, who kept staring at Cody’s hot body after he walked in the locker room . He had a crush for Cody for a long time, and he could not believe his eyes now. So this was Reed’s perfect occasion to impress Cody. Before you know it, he has already got on his knees and started playing with his big cock, then he took his monster cock in his mouth and gave Cody an amazing blowjob. The guy  didn’t give up until he got creamy loads of cum all over his face. Then he started sucking and licking Cody’s cock clean. Enjoy watching this scene and make sure to come back again!

cody-cummings-having-a-hard-practiceWe bet that you will surely adore seeing Cody getting that hard cock pleased after his game today. HE has his best fuck buddy on the job to work his cock so he’s all covered as you can see. Watch him moan as he gets his hard cock sucked today and see him bust a load too!

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Cody Cummings – Poker night

Cody Cummings invited the guys over for a poker night to relax after a hard week, but as you can see things went a little bit different then expected. After playing for a few hours they got bored and dizzy, so they spiced things a bit. They striped and started sucking each others cocks. First both of the guys started stroking their cocks while watching hot Cody undressing, then they lined up to suck Cody’s hard cock. He loves getting his tool sucked by two guys at the same time, and afterwards the guys started to nail their tight buttholes. now watching one of his buddies getting his asshole hammered turned Cody on really bad.

While the other guy was busy pounding that ass, Cody shoved his cock in the guy’s mouth. This scene ends with them cumming one after another. Take a look and see Cody getting in some more sexual group fun with more of his fuck buddies, and see him enjoying this superb fuck as much as he can with the others. Rest assured that he will be getting around to have this kind of fun in the future more with his buds, but for now just enjoy this one everybody! Also you might enter the chaos men blog and see other cock hungry gay guys getting ass fucked!


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Cody and Adam

Enjoy Cody Cummings newest gallery, this time featuring sexy Adam. He met Adam not long ago in a club. They spent the whole night talking and Cody decided to call him up and ask if he would like to do something kinky. Adam loved the idea of shooting a video with Cody, because he couldn’t stop thinking about him ever since they met. They are both pretty experienced in this business, that is the reason Cody asked Adam to shoot a scene together, so once they started everything went smoothly. In this hot gallery you will find whatever you like. From hand jobs to blowjobs to sucking cocks. nailing tight buttholes. Whatever you are thinking, it’s here for you. Just check it out and enjoy watching Adam sucking Cody’s big hard cock!


As another fresh week started off, it was time to bring you one more superb and sexy Cody update with the hot stud. And This time as we said, he has Adam back to have more fun together. The two have all the afternoon at their disposal today, and you get to see them going wild on the red leather couch without delay. Take the time to see them taking turns to suck each other’s cocks for this whole thing, and then see some huge loads released at the end too!

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CodyCummings and Anthony Romero – Part 2

CodyCummings called his good friend Anthony Romero for another fast shooting. This time Cody choose an outdoor session. Only that it was really cold outside so they had to find a place to continue the shooting. They stopped in a parking lot which seemed to be the perfect place. Anthony is the only one that knows Cody’s preferences and did a great job. This is not their first scene, and definitely is not the last one. Cody loves the way this guy plays with his cock and loves having his lips wrapped around his dick. See another blow job session with Cody and one of his buddies.

Anthony  started with Cody’ senormous cock, sucking it till he just couldn’t take it anymore and then he cummed all over Anthony’s cute face. Then Anthony started jerking his cock until he blew his load all over the place. Enjoy and come back soon because Cody is going to be back with new video scenes. So have fun with this fresh one as always everyone, and do take your time to see each and every picture with the two hunks. We will be taking our leave but you know we will be returning next week with more!


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Darcy’s lucky night

Cody Cummings thought to mix things up a bit and decided to call Darcy and Conner to help him out with the job. Conner is bisexual, and occasionally hangs out with Darcy and they fuck each time they meet up. Conner also likes to spend time with Cody, so he was the one who proposed to Cody to have a mixed threesome. Cody also likes banging hot chicks, so he really liked the idea and here they are together. They didn’t need any foreplay and jumped right to bed. After pleasing two large tools it was Darcy’s turn to get pleased. She made herself comfy, while Cody started to stretch her tight pussy and Conner shoved his tool into her filthy mouth. After shooting his load Cody got his cock sucked by Conner.


Well what can be said. Darcy herself was very lucky to get herself in some nice and hot action with the two studs today, and they made sure that her eager pussy is definitely pleased. Even more so Cody. So just take your time to see the lusty and sexy blonde lady as she gets to take a nice and hard dicking from both studs this fine afternoon today!

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Cody Cummings – Hot threesome

Cody Cummings threw a private party and invited only two hot studs to it. After all he wanted to shoot a video, but he had to talk these guys into. He didn’t even had to try hard, because the guys agreed as soon as they heard Cody’s proposal.  After a few drinks things got hotter and the guys couldn’t take it anymore. They ripped their cloths off and started sucking each others cock. One of they laid on the couch while Cody and the other guy fed their cocks to him. He was taking one cock after another in his mouth until his lips got numb. They took this afterwards to their tight buttholes. Cody shoved his cock in both of them and thn plastered the guys with him cum. Just take a look at this dirty gallery, you wont regret it. There is another threesome, right here!

Enjoy the fresh threesome that we bring you today, and see this trio of horny stud enjoying a nice and hard fuck with each other just for you. Watch them getting naked and getting straight to sucking on each other’s hard cocks on the black leather couch for this whole afternoon too. We hope you will enjoy it!


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Brad playing with the monster cock

Today it’s Brad’s lucky day, he is shooting today’s scene with hot Cody Cummings. He is new to the business and has a lot to learn, but he is a hardworking guy. Cody is willing to help him out by giving this newcomer few tips. Brand is eager to learn as much as he can. What surprised us, is that he is not camera shy at all. In fact he has a natural born talent and looks amazing in the camera spotlight. After getting naked, he starts stroking Cody’s cock, then he laid down on the floor and he starts sucking CodyCummings’ large tool. He didn’t complained about the size of it, he had ho problems taking that large cock all the way down his throat, so Brad did a great job. Cody was very satisfied and loved that fast that this guy slurped down all his cum. Just like this hungry hunk here!


Well Brad was eager for more of Cody’s cock and Cody of course was more than happy to give it to him today as well. Take your time to see as Brad proves his cock sucking skills once more in this update, and watch him sucking and deep throating Cody’s cock, making him feel in heaven with his superb oral skills for this nice and fresh scene everyone! For similar content, you can watch some great bait buddies free vids!

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