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Another fresh week and time to check out a new and hot┬áCody Cummings scene here this afternoon. We know just how much you adore the main man in action getting naughty and nasty, and so, here is another scene of him doing just that with another guy. This afternoon he was at the gym and off to do some MMA practice with his buddy, but it seems that the two ended up doing a very very different kind of training in this naughty scene here today for sure. Well, with that being said, let’s get to see Cody and his hard cock in kinky action and let’s see some more juicy and hot gay fucking getting done in this one as well everyone!


The two get in the ring and after some sparring, they are both of accord that they need to do something else. And that something else seems getting fully nasty with one another today as they get around to blow one another’s cocks to begin with here. And that goes down right there in the ring. Once they are all nude, watch CodyCummings and his friend suck one another’s fat dicks with a passion to make sure they’re nice and lubed and then you can watch the couple get to the real action as well. That is of course some balls deep anal fucking that the two just adore and we bet that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it for the whole thing today. See you all next week!

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