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Cody Cummings – Bedtime Tail

Today’s new and fresh Cody Cummings scene is all ready for you to sit back and check out and rest assured that you have plenty to see in this one right here. Cody and another one of his buddies wanted to have some fun in bed and well, it seems that the two had trouble falling asleep. That’s okay though as they did have other things in mind to try to get to sleep and one of them was of course sex. Well, okay, it was the only thing, but still. So anyway, let’s get this show going as you are going to be watching Cody and another one of his fuck buddies play naughty with one another. We can guarantee that you will love the fuck session that the two have!


Well, since CodyCummings gets to be the star again he gets to be the one to give out the fucking. That means that to start off, you can see the other guy doing his best to get him hard and you can bet that he had quite an easy time doing that. His lips are just magical and they made Cody diamond hard today to say the least. Anyway, check out the whole cock sucking session and then see Cody taking his time to give the guy a proper reward by fucking him balls deep in the ass here for the afternoon. You can see them having fun all over the bed this evening and we can assure you that Mr Cody will return soon with even more new and pretty amazing shows for you!

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